Advertising columns for corporate communication

Is outdoor advertising part of your corporate communication strategy? Then we literally provide the support underneath your commercial message. VDL Mast Solutions has already helped many businesses in promoting eye-catching advertising. You see them everywhere, the advertising columns showing the logos of major car brands, restaurants, fast food chains, furniture warehouses and many others. We often place advertising masts on industrial sites and business estates, and of course along motorways. The advertising column is a sure way of catching the eye of a broad audience and can positively influence the behaviour of road users.

Preferred mast design

The appearance of the mast can be designed as an extension of the corporate identity, always keeping the aspects of the streetscape in mind. A beautiful, low-key mast keeps the attention focused on the actual communication message. On the other hand, an eye-catching mast can really turn heads. The design therefore depends on the desired positioning. The masts are available in all shapes, colours and sizes. The possibilities are endless. From moving or rotation panels to light boxes and LED lighting with mast heights from 3 metres to 50 metres.

Turnkey delivery

To ensure you can focus on your own business, we can look after every phase through to installation and commissioning of the mast. A bespoke technical design can also be arranged. Our project leaders then organise the project from start to finish. Upon delivery, your mast will be completely ready with advertising frames, lighting and other accessories. A turnkey solution tailored to your needs!

High visibility well in time

Using this kind of mast informs road users and potential consumers that a branch or outlet is approaching soon. It's an effective approach, as the message has plenty of time to sink in. The higher the mast, the earlier the message is seen and the more time the reader has to take in the message. As such, these signage masts increase the chance that road users to take the next exit and visit the store. This is an effective communication tool for advertisers, allowing them to measure the visitor results easily and directly.

Higher reach and increased brand awareness

What's more, advertising masts offer huge attention value among a very broad target group. The visibility level is high because the message is displayed day and night, 7 days a week. In short, it's a communication tool that is ideally suited to increase brand awareness.