Traffic masts

Traffic keeps getting busier and our aim is to use our masts in guiding traffic users in the right direction. The support structures of VDL Mast Solutions come in all shapes and sizes. We manufacture different masts for public transport, traffic signal lights and road signage; from our standard range or custom-made products. VDL Mast Solutions works in compliance with the Requirement for Traffic Control Systems set by the Department of Waterways and Public Works and the ASOV (General Specifications on Support Structures for Traffic Control Systems).

Support structure for traffic control systems

When driving, riding your bicycle or crossing an intersection, you will see many traffic masts that were made by VDL Mast Solutions. The standard range includes universal and pre-warning traffic masts, as well as other roadside traffic signals like button-pressed pedestrian posts. But of course, other attachments and accessories are also available.

Traffic mast arms 

Mast arms often span across multiple lanes (outrigger combinations). In addition to traffic lights, mast arms can also be fitted with lighting or signage. VDL Mast Solutions has developed a swivel-arm traffic mast.


Larger traffic structures are also manufactured by VDL Mast Solutions. For example gantry structures spanning up to 35 metres with trusses. Our gantries are seen across various major transport routes, such as above roads and motorways, waterways and railways. They can be equipped with traffic lights, traffic and direction signs or cameras.

Masts for signs & wayfinding

For static and dynamic signs & wayfinding, we can always supply the right mast materials:

  • Cilindrisch verlopende bordmasten
  • Pedestrian crossing masts
  • DRIP-masts
  • Masts for rotation panels