Placement of the mast

Installation of larger-sized masts and structures in Europe and overseas are carried out by our own installation team. Specially trained technicians travel to the site to ensure quality installation. They receive recurrent and additional training courses to ensure that the certification of their skills, such as working at heights, is always up to date. More complex sites are analysed prior to installation. Naturally, our project managers take care of everything that is needed for the job at hand, such as cranes and aerial work platforms.

Quick installation with a sustainable foundation

VDL Mast Solutions uses environmentally conscious methods to install its masts. We do this, for example, through our sustainable tubular pile foundation. The foundation is ideally suited when haste is paramount, disruptions to the surrounding area needs to be minimised, or if it concerns a temporary provision. 

Geotechnical ground investigation

A crucial part in calculating and installing a mast is carrying out a comprehensive geotechnical ground investigation. Not only for calculating the most suitable foundation, but also essential for the material thickness and construction of the mast itself. Geotechnical ground investigation are provided by the customer or by specialised third parties at our request.