VDL Mast Solutions designs masts in all kinds of models and variations. Our designers, construction technicians and engineers work full time to ensure your mast structures meet your requirements. If desired, we can also work in partnership to design a completely tailored new mast or series of masts. Designs and drawings are regularly supplied by design agencies, city architects and industrial designers. Together with our project managers, we add our vast technical knowledge and experience to achieve the best possible visual and technical result.

Vision on mast design

Naturally, VDL Mast Solutions also has its own vision on mast design. That's why we have the latest innovations and designs on display in our Mast Garden.

Drawing room

Our designers, construction technicians and engineers use the latest 3D drawing system. This enables us to work flexibly and make any technical modification without delay. Each component is drawn both for the production department and for our customers. Even the smallest parts are calculated in detail and drawn if necessary. For example, we also draw all parts that are produced by the computer-controlled 3D laser.