About VDL Mast Solutions

Over the past decades, VDL Mast Solutions has established itself as a professional, leading mast manufacturer. Years of experience and accumulated know-how have contributed to these accomplishments. 


VDL Mast Solutions strives to continually optimise the environment through innovations in mast structures. We do this by continuously improving our services, offering our employees a challenging work environment, providing our customers with the right added value and creating the financial framework to be able to operate independently.


Through innovations in (mast)constructions, continuously optimize the environment.

Onze ambitie

Our innovative integral solutions, high quality and outstanding service enable us to maintain our leading national position in the “mast world” and to create a globally leading position for the supply of turn-key solutions.

Onze core values

  • Passion, involvement & team spirit
  • Flexibility, rapidity en versatility
  • Intelligent, professional "do" mentality


  • NEN-EN 40-5
  • NEN-EN ISO 9001:2015
  • NEN-EN 1090-1
  • ISO 3834-2
  • VCA* 2008/5.1