Durable preservation

VDL Mast Solutions is committed to extending the life-time of its masts where possible. Only the latest innovations and most durable methods will do to ensure maximum preservation. In various partnerships, future-proof developments are used for coating technologies and ground-level protection.

Sustainable DCC-coating

VDL Mast Solutions has set the standard for the ultimate preservation of masts with DCC coating. With the application of DCC coating, we can further extend the life-time of your mast.

There are, of course, also other preservation methods available. All our masts are thermally galvanised in accordance with the applicable standards (NEN-EN ISO 1461). You have a choice of coatings: DCC coating, wet paint coating or powder coating.

Hard-wearing ground-level protection: HMR®

To further strengthen the Kaal DCC coating, we offer an extremely durable and hard-wearing product to protect the mast base: HMR® ground-level protector.

In addition to HMR®, we also apply other protective ground-level protectors for masts, such as Fibaroll bandage, Shrink sleeve or asphalt/fibreglass bandage wrap.