Communication masts

We have felt at home in telecommunications for many years. Whatever the communication goal, we can make the mast that works best. VDL Mast Solutions manufactures communication masts for, amongst others, mobile and UMTS telephony, television, radio, shipping and alarm networks. The ongoing developments in the telecom industry demand a solution-oriented work method. To answer this need, VDL Mast Solutions offers bespoke projects, service and turnkey solutions.

Design of communication masts 

Although standard framework or mast constructions are often used, VDL Mast Solutions looks more at the need for well-designed communication masts. The market is showing strong demand to also create masts from a design perspective. We share this ambition of combining design with functionality. Based on this need, VDL Mast Solutions has designed cylindrical masts, which are communication masts that are designed to house fully integrated antennas. 

In addition to our own designs, we also manufacture masts designed by other design agencies and architects. The shape is not the only factor; the materials used and the colour also play important roles. 


A very popular type of communication mast is the Monopole. It not only has a beautiful design, but also a large antenna capacity. Usually, all cables can run through the inside of the mast and even the ladder fits inside. The slimline mast is a type of cylindrical mast typified by its extremely slender design that also camouflages the antennas perfectly.

Foundation methods

VDL Mast Solutions takes care of the specific foundation under the masts. In addition to pouring a concrete foundation, we also place the communication masts using a tube pile foundation.  

Project management

We do all the work to give you peace of mind; turnkey! Our project teams are accustomed to managing the entire process for you, from choice of mast through to installation. And not just in the Netherlands but all over the world.

Plaatsing van een vakwerkmast