Catenary masts

Catenary masts are used to support the overhead lines of trams, trolley buses, metro and trains. The masts must be able to withstand large tractive forces to keep the overhead lines in position. We have all the facilities to manufacture the catenary masts according to the maximum tractive force and specific requirements. Besides being functional, catenary masts dominate the landscape in which they are placed.  VDL Mast Solutions also takes the aesthetics of these masts into account.

Tailor-made catenary masts

Projects on the construction of overhead lines are often very complex and require a specialist, bespoke approach. Our project leaders think in practical solutions to ensure every project phase goes smoothly. All work is done by our own staff. For instance, VDL Mast Solutions calculates and designs the masts it produces. The masts are constructed in line with your specific requirements and in accordance with the desired maximum tractive force. Our mast calculations always adhere to the current European standards.

Delivery and installation across Europe

Our expansive vehicle fleet enables us to deliver masts to every European destination. With a very short lead time, we can install the masts with a tubular pile foundation. This is particularly useful when disruptions to neighbouring communities and traffic need to be minimised or when the masts need to be placed directly next to buildings.

Line lighting

Catenary masts are sometimes also used for the benefit of public lighting. The mast functions as a suspension point from which to hang line lighting, for example.

Multifunctional masts

The masts can generally be built to support several objects. For example, the mast can combine advertising panels, antenna connection points, road signage and other accessories. From a sustainability point of view, VDL Mast Solutions encourages the use of multifunctional masts.