VDL Mast Solutions was established in Oss, Brabant, in 1947 and initially focused on contracting work and the installation of cable networks. The first production of lighting masts was set up for internal use. The production of mast structures, which today is the core activity of VDL Mast Solutions, began to take shape in 1966.

From that moment on, VDL Mast Solutions continued to grow, eventually becoming a leading producer of a wide range of masts. In order to offer our customers a turn-key solution, an engineering department was established to calculate and draw mast structures that could complement the production line. The next step involved setting up a field service that could expand the engineering and production departments in placing the masts on site. This allows us to carry out every step of the process in terms of mast construction.

In 1994, VDL Mast Solutions began with the certification of its quality system, making VDL Mast Solutions the first mast manufacturer to be awarded with the ISO 9001 certificate. In 2017, VDL Mast Solutions became part of the VDL Groep.

VDL Mast Solutions has grown over the last decades into a full-fledged mast manufacturer with a diverse range of activities all under one roof. The combination of these activities, along with the possibilities for engineering and assembly, makes VDL Mast Solutions a valuable partner in realising your goals.